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66 Fun Ways To Exercise

If you’ve never consistently exercised in your life, it can be overwhelming to start. There are so many different ways to exercise that it can be hard to pick a sport or an activity to start with. That’s why I’ve created this list of 66 fun ways to exercise.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an already active individual looking for some variation to your routine, I’m sure you can find something that fits your interests. The list has no specific order because everyone has their own preferences, things and qualities they like more than others. I suggest navigating to the table of contents to easily find what you’re looking for.

What Are Fun Ways To Exercise?

Here is a list of fun ways to exercise for beginners or advanced trainees to find a sport or an activity that they like.

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Going to the gym

In my opinion this is the best way to exercise. The opportunities of what you can do in the gym are endless. You can build endurance, muscle and strength with different tools and machines and find training partners or coaches to help you on your fitness journey.


Walking isn’t always considered as a form of exercise, but as we are moving towards a more sedentary lifestyle, walking 30 to 60 minutes a day can be a good option for many. It really doesn’t matter if you’re taking a longer walk or shorter 5-10 minute walks, the benefits on your overall health will still be significant. Now if it’s convenient for you, consider going to work on foot. That’s one way to at least add some physical activity to your day-to-day life. Another way would be to have your partner go on walks with you.

Attending a workout class

Joining a workout class can be an excellent way for beginners to start exercising. You don’t have to worry about what to do, you just have to be there in class and the instructor will guide you through the workout. 

Strongman Training

Strongman training has seen a steady increase in popularity over the recent years. Most likely because equipment like atlas stones, yokes, logs and other heavy objects have become more accessible to everyone.

I can say from personal experience that strongman training is an incredibly fun way to exercise. It adds so much variety to your usual gym exercises and challenges you in ways you haven’t been challenged before.


Running is an easy and accessible way to get in shape and improve your fitness. All you really need are some running shoes and you’re good to go. You can go for a run in the woods or on a treadmill in the gym, whichever you prefer.


Swimming is one of the safest ways to exercise. It’s good for the whole body and very stimulating for the cardiovascular system. It’s not as accessible for everyone, but once you have a water source, it’s very easy to get going (if you know how to swim of course).

Playing Golf

Golf is a great way to exercise with your friends and colleagues. A powerful swing recruits muscles of the whole body and can be very tiring if never done before. It also stimulates you mentally by requiring intense focus and strategizing how to get the ball into the whole with as few shots as possible.


Hiking is a great form of exercise if you like spending time outdoors. Take your friends and family with you and go explore the world on foot – therefore getting in your exercise at the same time.

Do An Online Workout

Online workouts became very popular during the pandemic and for a good reason. You can do your desired physical activity in an online gym class or with a personal trainer without even leaving your home! If you have anxiety about going to a public gym then this is the perfect opportunity for you to stop making excuses!

Playing Basketball

If you’re rather competitive, then basketball might be for you. As long as you have a hoop, you can start working on your jump shots and layups, either alone or with friends. You can even join a local club or a team to start practicing with.


Biking is getting increasingly popular with many cities in Europe investing more and more in the infrastructure of bicycle roads. Biking can be a good alternative to many other forms of exercise as it saves you from the impact of landing. Biking is great for people who love to spend time outdoors and want to explore their surroundings.

Playing Tennis

Tennis can be a great choice because you can start at any age and it can be played alone or with friends. Tennis is actually quite easy-to-learn compared to other ball games. Despite its simplicity, it’s a good stimuli for the whole body.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is an uncommon way to exercise, but it can certainly be fun. You can hire an instructor to teach you the basics and start practicing.


If you’re a bit more competitive and not afraid of pain, boxing might be for you. Not only is it good for training your coordination and endurance, it also boosts your self-confidence.

Playing Frisbee

Playing frisbee can be a fun exercise, while spending time outdoors and with your friends. It’s very easy to pick up and most suitable for those who don’t enjoy competition.


Dancing is a fun activity to exercise together with your friends or your partner. You can go to a dance party or take lessons from a coach. There are many different styles of dancing to choose from. Some are more electric and fast-paced than others. Some are slower and romantic. 

Doing household chores

I bet you that doesn’t come to anyone’s mind when thinking of exercising. Nobody likes chores but there are ways to make them more enjoyable and engaging. For example listening and dancing to some music while cleaning the floor.

Playing Football

As the most popular sport in the world, football will be a favorite choice for many people because of the its ease of access and sense of accomplishment on being successful and scoring a goal.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can be fun once you get past the early stages. At first you might not have enough endurance or strength or both to complete a trail, but as they say, practice makes perfect! And the fact that you can do it indoors at a climbing gym or outdoors in the nature makes it a great upper body workout, no matter your circumstances.

Doing Yoga

Yoga can be a relaxing way to exercise if you enjoy a more relaxed environment to exercise in. If you’ve never tried yoga, you might be surprised to find out how hard it actually is. The positions and stretches that you have to maintain are challenging and will make you work more than you anticipated.

Doing Jiu-Jitsu

Jiu-jitsu is becoming one of the most popular martial arts in the US. You might hear people also refer to it as grappling. It’s certainly fun and can also satisfy your competitive needs. There are many  jiu-jitsu communities where you can meet friends and new training partners.


Skiing is one of the best ways to build endurance and get fit. It’s also one of the most popular winter sports and there are many different styles and variations to choose from. 


By shooting I’m mainly referring to archery. Drawing the bow string requires a great deal of strength, although the string can be adjusted to have you pull more or less. Shooting a gun or a pistol is as challenging mentally, but a lot easier physically.

Playing American Football

Playing American football can be a good option for those who enjoy intense competition and contact-sports. The matches are full of adrenaline, which also eases the pain from collisions. This is another form of exercise that can immensely increase your self-confidence, strength, power and agility.


Another famous winter sport, snowboarding is often considered less beginner friendly than skiing. On the other hand, reaching an advanced level on a snowboard is said to be easier than mastering skiing. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is the best choice for you.

Playing Beach Volleyball

A really fun way to exercise in the summer while also enjoying the outdoors and the sun is to play beach volleyball. With just 4 people, you can have an intriguing 2v2 match. One thing to keep in mind is to always focus on landing properly as ankle sprains are easy to happen when landing on an unstable surface like sand.

Playing Badminton

If the weather is nice and not windy, playing badminton with a friend or your partner can be a enjoyable way to exercise while being outdoors. You only need a pair of rackets, a shuttlecock (the thing you hit with the racket) and a patch of grass to get started.


One of the most controversial and increasingly popular way to exercise is crossfit. It’s gained tremendous traction over the last decade as the workouts are intense and varying. You never no what you get from the WOD (Workout Of the Day) the instructor has planned for you so it can be a very fun and spontaneous way to exercise.


There’s nothing like getting on the surf board and riding your first wave. If you love water sports then surfing might be for you. Or even if you don’t like getting yourself wet, it’s good to try things out of your comfort zone. 

Jumping on a Trampoline

Whether you have a trampoline at home or a trampoline park in your vicinity, jumping on a trampoline can be a fun way to exercise (as it’s quite difficult to do for a long time, if you’re really trying to jump) and great activity to spend time with your kids and/or family.


Not as forgiving as some of the other options, skateboarding will leave you aching and scarred if you fail, but will leave you greatly satisfied, should you succeed.


Another relaxing way to exercise while getting to spend time outdoors with your family and/or friends. It’s not something people do consistently, but it can be a fun way to add variety to your everyday life.


Bowling is a fun way to exercise with a group of friends, family or colleagues. Its ease of access and low cost makes it a great opportunity for many looking for a fun activity.


Sailing is another water sport that is rather unpopular but definitely fun and intriguing. Learning to sail can be especially difficult at the beginning but very rewarding once you get the hang of it.

Jumping Rope

Another way to exercise anywhere and anytime. The only thing you need is a rope and you’re good to go. It might seem boring at first, but wait til you discover all the different ways to jump rope.

Playing With Your Kids

Devoting time to your kids should be a priority for any parent, but why not get some exercise while doing so. Pick activities that are fun for both you and your child so you don’t just do it out of responsibility.


Rollerblading can be a intriguing way to explore your surroundings while also receiving the benefits of exercise. Once you’re beginning to feel comfortable on them, you can even start learning some rollerblade dance routines.


This might be for younger people as it involves a lot of falling and the risk of injury is high. Nevertheless it’s a fun way to exercise and challenge yourself to learn something new and go outside your comfort zone.

Horseback Riding

Getting a pet is one thing, but having a horse to ride on is truly something else. Once you create a bond with anyone, you’ll naturally want to spend more time with them. This means that having a horse is a huge commitment and responsibility, but if you have the opportunity to do so, it’s a great way to exercise yourself while spending time with your newfound friend.

Playing Baseball

One of the most popular sports in the US, baseball is a fun and captivating way to exercise. The feeling when you hit the ball is surreal and provides a nice adrenaline boost. 

Playing Video Games

As technology advances, companies are coming up with new ways to play video games every year. If you like gaming then you can buy a VR set or a Wii Console to help you exercise while doing something you already love. Sounds like a perfect deal to me.

Playing an Instrument

Depending on the instrument you choose, the exercise benefits from playing that instrument can be huge. For example, intense drumming can be as good of an exercise as a gym workout, if it’s prolonged.

Playing Field Hockey

Playing Hopscotch










Underwater Hockey


Bike Polo



Table Tennis




Do An Obstacle Course Race





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