My story

My Mission

  • Help people improve their quality of life through exercise and nutrition.
  •  Introduce people to the strategies and tools to boost their health and  performance.
  • Share my knowledge and experience so that others could learn from my successes and failures.

My Values

  • Determination – I am there to help you, but you have to want to improve.
  • Responsibility – same goes here, you have to hold yourself accountable to everything that happens to you.
  • Respect – you have to be open and trust the process in order for me to help you as best as I can.

Thinking back to when it all started…


Ever since I was young I’ve been interested in sports. I did swimming and played basketball for years, but after a few years, I felt that they weren’t for me.


Then, at one point in 2015, I got introduced to the gym by my basketball coach – and I fell in love immediately.


The idea that I can become bigger, and stronger and therefore impress the girls intrigued me. So in 2015 I quit basketball and started going to the gym with my father who had been a recreational gym-goer himself. He gave me some instructions and guidance, but he lacked the scientific knowledge and professionalism in the field of exercising, to utilize my full potential. In the beginning, I was mostly doing bodybuilding and over the years got more into powerlifting.

I started educating myself on nutrition, training programming, exercise execution/technique, and so on.


By the year 2018, I could squat 180kg/396lbs, bench 110kg/240lbs, and deadlift 200kg/440lbs. I was at around 90kg/200lbs bodyweight at the time, rather reasonable numbers for a 17-year-old.


I was very proud of myself and the future was looking bright, but then I got injured, dealt with different aches and pains and as the year 2019 rolled around, I found myself in the military.

There I couldn’t go to the gym much, as most of our time was spent on military training. When I finally got out, my progress had stalled for almost 2 years at that point. I went back to exercising regularly but sure enough, I wasn’t as strong and fit as I was before and my progress wasn’t as fast as it had been.


At that point, I’d had the idea of becoming a trainer or a coach for a few years. But I knew I didn’t want to be your average fitness trainer who got a coaching qualification but didn’t have any in-depth knowledge in the field.


That’s when I decided to go study Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Lunex. There I had courses on topics like anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, and sports psychology to name a few. I kept going to the gym consistently, implementing my knowledge, testing, and trying different methods and approaches. But I felt that the progress was still very slow.


After the first year of University, I decided that I want to try powerlifting. I got a membership at a private gym and started going there regularly. I soon realized that I’m lacking knowledge in this area so I decided to hire a coach. (Looking back, it seems ironic that I wanted to become a coach, had been lifting for years, but had never had a coach myself).


We started working together in June of 2021, and oh boy was that an eye-opening experience. I’ve learned so much from our collaboration and I can say that he really did help me achieve my goals and even go beyond what I thought was possible. Never had I imagined that it could be so beneficial to have a coach, and that made me want to become a coach even more.


Now, working with my coach, I decided that I want to compete in powerlifting as I’m rather competitive by nature. The first few months of training were the most difficult because of the sheer work he had me do.


After working together for half a year, I took part in my first powerlifting competition. I’m not going to go into details here, but for a quick summary – I totaled 547,5kgs/1204,5lbs. I was so delighted to see all my hard work pay off.


That was already about a 40kg improvement on my total since I started my powerlifting journey. But what’s even crazier is that 3 months later I totaled 602,5kgs/1325,5lbs at the European Powerlifting University Cup. (The specifics can be found on my Instagram)

Anyway, with that, I improved my total by nearly 100kgs/220lbs in one year, which to me is mind-blowing.


I’m convinced that wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t seek the help of a professional. I got truly inspired by the influence a coach can have on a trainee, and that’s also a part of why I started this blog. I want to help people achieve their goals when it comes to fitness, performance, and overall well-being.


Whether you’re a recreational athlete or a professional, my blog is a place where you can hopefully find answers to all your questions and take yourself to a whole new level of physical fitness.