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Hi, I'm Aleksander Saks

My knowledge of what I share and teach is based on a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, my endless curiosity, and multiple years of experience as an athlete.


I'm an International Powerlifter and a Sports Science Enthusiast

I’ve been lifting weights for more than 8 years. I’m a NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with a bachelors degree in Sports and Exercise Science. 

With this mix of experience and  academic knowledge, I feel confident that I can help anyone reach their training goals.


Powerlifting for Beginners | How to Get Started (+ Free Program)
So you’ve been thinking about starting the ultimate strength development journey which is powerlifting. Whether you’ve already been lifting for some time or are a complete newbie, this powerlifting for beginners guide will help you get started and making...
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Working out at home is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! It’s convenient because you can work out at any time. But if you’re new to working out at home, the thought of choosing the right equipment can be daunting. Don’t...
7 Best Long Head Tricep Exercises For Wider Arms
If you’re looking to add some width to your arms, then you need to focus on working the long head of the triceps. This muscle is responsible for the majority of the arm width, so it’s important that you target it with specific exercises. In...
man performing an exercise for the medial triceps
7 Best Medial Head Tricep Exercises For Well-Rounded Arms
If you’re looking to sculpt well-rounded arms, you need to target all three heads of the triceps muscle. In this article, we will discuss some of the best medial head tricep exercises. The medial head is often neglected, but it’s an important...
man performing an exercise for the short head biceps
7 Short Head Bicep Exercises For Bigger And Stronger Arms
Do you want bigger and stronger arms? Incorporating a variety of short head bicep exercises into your workout routine will help you build the arms you desire. A lot of people pick their arm exercises based on preference. The problem here is that they...
man performing an exercise for the long head biceps
7 Best Long Head Bicep Exercises For Defined Arms
Looking to define and sculpt your arms? Incorporating a variety of long head bicep exercises into your training will help you do that. This muscle is often neglected, because people tend to choose bicep exercises that are more focused on the short head....
What To Bring To The Gym - Gym Bag Essentials for Beginners
Avoiding forgetting a piece of clothing or equipment can be the difference between you going back to the gym or not. This post on what to bring to the gym is meant to help you remove the friction from between the obstacles and your goals. Starting your...
15 Best Upper Body Dumbbell Exercises To Build Muscle
Have you run out of exercises or they’re variations to make your workouts more exciting and give you a new stimulus to increase the potential of your gains? In this post I listed 15 of the best upper body dumbbell exercises that I could think of that...
atlas stones
The Best Atlas Stones For Sale (Any Size/Weight)
So you’ve seen Tom Stoltman or any other incredible strongman lift an atlas stone and are now thinking of acquiring one for yourself. They are definitely a fun training implement to play around with and become freakishly strong. In this article, I’ll...
66 Fun Ways To Exercise
If you’ve never consistently exercised in your life, it can be overwhelming to start. There are so many different ways to exercise that it can be hard to pick a sport or an activity to start with. That’s why I’ve created this list of 66 fun...