Powerlifting Coaching

Who am I?

My name is Aleksander Saks. I’m a Sports Science graduate specialised as a powerlifting/strength coach. 

I’ve been lifting weights since 2015. But I only started working with a coach about 2,5 years ago. Since then, I’ve managed to add more than 150kgs/330lbs to my total.

Working with a coach can speed up anyone’s training progress and help them avoid fatal mistakes when it comes to health and injuries.

But it has to be done right…

What I can
help you with

I’m a huge believer in individualized programming.

Everyone has different circumstances, needs, and training history.

Sure, if you are a beginner, you can get a away with following general training plans or templates for quite some time, but eventually you’ll need something that’s tailored for you.

If you want the best results that is.

That’s why I do weekly updates for my clients.

You never know when life might get in the way of the training process (e.g. more responsibilities at work, family emergency, sudden aches and pains etc.), so it’s important to stay agile and adapt.

With that, I also like to do check-ins on a weekly basis. The reason for that is to make sure that the program is in accordance with your current lifestyle and circumstances.

The first thing that I like to do with new clients is go over the technique of each lift.

In my coaching experience I’ve seen a lot of people who have trained under respected strength coaches, but still haven’t mastered the basics like pelvic positioning, proper bracing, optimising leverages etc.

Nailing the fundamentals is crucial for longevity and staying healthy.

Lastly, I also provide full on support for my Online Coaching clients looking to sharpen their mental skills and prepare for a competition.

Powerlifting Coaching services that I offer:


  • You have unanswered questions on the topic(s) of training and/or nutrition.

  • You want to discuss about something specific related to strength training.

  • You want someone to analyse your technique and give you feedback.

  • You want guidance on training programming.

Online Coaching

  • You want accessible support from a professional.
  • You want constant to analysis and feedback of your training progress and technique.

  • You want a custom training program that’s personalized to your goals and life’s circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Is it worth getting a powerlifting coach?

In my opinion, a 100%.

Think of this way. If you’re a serious lifter, how much time would you save by investing some money into a coach and learning from their experience and the mistakes they’ve made.

They may have already dealt with athletes who were in the exact position as you, facing the exact same problems.

Do you work with complete beginners?

I’m open to working with everyone who is serious about strength training in general. But I do have some rules that the trainee must adhere to:

  • I only work with drug free athletes

  • The client has to follow their program.

  • Payments have to be on time

  • I expect openness and willingness to communicate

I want help with preparing for a competition, can you help me?

If you choose the Online Coaching service, then I will fully assist you in your preparation.

This involves strategizing, attempt selection, making sure that you’ll make weight etc.

However, if you choose the Consulting service, we’ll have a call where I offer guidance