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Eccentric weight releasers are a great tool that can be used to bring some variability and novelty into your training. They can be used to get your body accustomed to supramaximal eccentric loads and to increase explosiveness in the concentric phase. That is why I’ve piled up a list of the best weight releasers to help make your purchase decision easier.

What Are The Best Weight Releasers?

Rogue Fitness

Rogue Weight Releasers were developed in partnership with Mark Bell of Super Training Gym. 

Made from durable steel with a telescoping, lock-in pin system, these fully-adjustable hook attachments can be loaded with standard Olympic plates and set at 15 height positions for quick adjustments during squatting and benching exercises. 

Featuring 0.5″ thick UHMW plastic for protecting the barbell sleeve, Rogue Weight Releasers are made in the USA with a textured black finish and laser-cut branding.

Although these are a bit pricier than some of the other options, Rogue takes the first spot because of the quality of their products, fast and convenient shipping, and good customer service.

Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness Weight Releasers come in at second place, mainly because of their price. Their design is not as optimal as Rogues, but isn’t too much of an issue, they work just as well.

One of the features that stands out is that they don’t have a rubber coating, meaning that they can potentially be susceptible to lateral movement while attached to the barbell. This is just a speculation, as none of the 14 reviews have complained of such an issue.

However, an issue that has been reported is that the pin that’s used to set the height of the weight releasers tends to move around. The customer reported adding a small rubber band to fixate the pin. 

HGG Performance

HGG Performance is known for their unique exercise gear such as the ISOTIB®, Tib Bar™ and the Nordic Bar. Their welders know how to craft incredible equipment and their weight releasers are no different.

Their design is similar to Titan Fitness, although the pins look like they are better set in place and the hook of their product looks to be a bit longer. The reason they take the 3rd spot is frankly because of their pricing.

Based in Australia, they offer worldwide shipping and a 30-day return policy, in case you are dissatisfied with your product.

Gorila Fitness

As the last item on the list we have the Gorila Fitness eccentric weight releasers. Their design is different from the other products, as they also feature a handle for easier loading of the weight releaser. The hook of their product is shorter than the others on this, potentially leading to the implements falling off too soon. (e.g. during unracking)

The reason they take the nr 4 spot is because of their hefty price tag and “Made to Order” availability. Having to wait for the product to be made extends the shipping to 8 or more weeks.

What Are Weight Releasers?

Weight releasers, also termed eccentric weight releasers, are fitness training tools that add an additional variability to strength training exercises by using small metal accessories that can be attached to the ends of a barbell.

They usually have hook-like attachments, so that when you reach the bottom of the movement, the weight releasers will drop off and the barbell will therefore become lighter for the concentric part of the lift. Most, if not all of the products listed can be loaded with plates.

Why Use Them?

Using weight releasers can provide several benefits for lifters looking to improve their bench or squat performance. These benefits include measurable improvements in dynamic effort sets and force production, as well as non-measurable benefits such as increased confidence with near-maximal weights, improved bar stabilization during releaser swings, and the ability to learn to lower heavy weights quickly.

They can also help with post-activation potentiation, which can enhance subsequent sets of dynamic effort bench press. Additionally, using weight releasers allows lifters to handle heavier weights more frequently, which can help build confidence and familiarity with near-maximal weights, potentially leading to successful attempts at new records.


I hope you found all the information you wanted regarding the best weight releasers, in what way to use them, and what they’re good for.

There aren’t many options on the market, but the ones available are more than good enough. The biggest differentiator is obviously their pricing, so check your budget options before shopping. Then just wait for your new toys to arrive and get to experimenting! Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do weight releasers do?

Weight releasers are a powerlifting accessory that can be attached to a barbell during strength training exercises such as squats and bench presses.

They are designed to preload or overload the eccentric (lowering) portion of the lift, creating greater explosiveness on the concentric (lifting) end.

How do you use eccentric hooks?

To use eccentric hooks, the user attaches them to the barbell and loads them with weight plates.

When reaching the bottom of the lift, the hooks release off the barbell, reducing the resistance and allowing the user to complete the lift with more explosivness.

What are the benefits of eccentric hooks?

The benefits of eccentric hooks, also known as weight releasers, include increased explosiveness and increased ability of the tendons to absorb kinetic energy.

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